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Mbieri United Association of Washington DC

Welcome to Mbieri United Association of Washington DC web page. We hope you will find pleasure browsing through our web page. The Association always uphold our traditional values, while promoting cultural, social, educational well being of one another that would encourage professionalism, cooperation among members, to promote family unity, love and respect. We often reflect on how we have faired over the years, take stock of our success and pitfalls, and draw on lessons that will help us pursue better plans for ourselves and our town, Mbieri.

The history of this Association will not be complete without mentioning Late Eze Ozuzuoha 11 of Mbieri, Eze Sylvester Achuko. Eze Achuko was the litmus that ignited the formation of this Association, when he visited Washington DC in August, 1994, at the prime of his reign. He encouraged the visiting Mbieri people who came to pay him homage at the home of Sam Achuko in Maryland to think of forming an Association of Mbieri sons and daughters here in the United States. This pep advice, gave rise to Umu-Mbieri in Washington metro area to come together and form this Association few years later.

Like most things in life, there were ups and downs in respect to happenings within the Association.

However, at any situation we found ourselves, one thing commonly helps to keep us together, the love we have for our town, Mbieri. It’s this love that has continued to make us even stronger. Our membership strength has improved tremendously over the years, and we continue to have fun together at all times. We are now analyzing the possibility of establishing a formidable Youth wing for our adult and near adult children.

In the development effort, this Association has carried out water project in Mbieri, although it was not as successful as we would have wanted it due to its capital intensive nature. We had supplied school desks and tables to Mbieri primary school in the past, and continue to extend this to all primary schools in Mbieri.

Washington DC Chapter

Executive Positions Name
Chairman  Ikechukwu Amadi
Vice Chairman Stanislaus Olumba
General Secretary Uche Odionyenma
Assistant G. Secretary Olivia N. Achuko
Financial Secretary Mrs Emelda Olumba
Treasurer Comfort Ugochi Nwaoke
Socila Secretray Mrs Ify Usoh
Provost Gladys Ikechi
Publicity Secretary (PRO)  



IMG 20190708 WA0011 1       

        Felicia Ikpeama and Lolo Ngozi Iwuji

at Mbieri National Convention, Atlanta GA - July 2019

     IMG 20190708 WA0046

  National President and General Secretary Mbieri National

  at Mbieri National Convention, Atlanta GA - July 2019                                             

IMG 20190708 WA0018

 Felicia Ikpeama at Mbieri Gala Night Event, Atlanta GA 2019

IMG 20150614 172249             

Mbieri Young Dancing Group, Washington DC - Led by Lolo Ngozi Iwuji                     

IMG 20150614 203327

Cross section of Mbieri women in festive mood - Washington DC 


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