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The foundation stone of The Standard Divisional Hospital, Mbieri, or Mbieri General Hospital (MGH) was laid by the late Imo State Governor, Chief Sam Mbakwe on April 24th, 1982. The commissioning of the hospital on August 21, 1984 by the then military governor of Imo State, Brigadier Ike Nwachukwu, brought to a success the efforts of the Women’s Wing of The Mbieri Development Union, led by their president Mrs. Margaret Ndikom.

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Entrance to Mbieri General Hospital

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          Officials of Founding members

These noble women, our mothers, our sisters and daughters, raised the funds necessary to build a hospital for Mbieri community and their neighbors. They taxed themselves, “ward by ward”, and donated time and energy. There were other donors, lots of donors and well-wishers, who, like everybody in Mbieri at the time, hoped and wanted a befitting hospital for the community. 

Today, that dream is almost as good as dead. After so many years of successful operation, the management of the hospital was handed over to the Imo State Government. The hospital is still functional, but there are very limited services, low patronage, decaying infrastructure and lack of funds.    

     There is no running water in the hospital. The toilets, wash basins, sinks and water pipes are broken and useless. There is no electricity: power when needed is provided by a small portable generator. Some atriums in the patient wards are rotten and open, allowing rain water into some areas.

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Even by Nigerian standards, this is completely unacceptable.


For years The Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA, Inc. has had an interest in the upkeep of the hospital. A giant diesel generator donated by the association, sits in a small building nearby, rarely in use, due to lack of funds for diesel.

It is this situation at the hospital, the lack of funds, and coupled with little interest exhibited by the Imo state government, that has informed the administration of Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA, Inc. to seek a reliable funding mechanism for the hospital, thus has created and developed, THE MBIERI GENERAL HOSPITAL REHABILITATION FUND.

The Mbieri General Hospital Rehabilitation Fund will be used specifically for:

  • Rehabilitation of water supply and drainage systems.
  • Rehabilitation and Installation of standard sanitation systems – toilets, baths, wash basins, sewer systems, etc.
  • Fix some roofs, doors, windows, beds and other building repairs.
  • Installation of a standard transformer to provide reliable electricity.
  • Install street lights in front of the hospital and within the perimeter walls of the hospital.
  • Install electric fans in the wards and some offices, with a/c in selected doctors’ offices.
  • Asphalt or cement the front of the hospital as well as repaint the administrative block.

The Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA, Inc. hopes to invoke the spirit of the founding members of Mbieri Development Union, Women’s Wing, and tap into the “can do” ingenuity of Igbos in general and Umu Mbieri in particular. We appeal to our Mbieri people where ever you are, friends, relatives, sons and daughters, in-laws and well-wishers, business associates, to donate towards this all important healthcare project initiative. This will help preserve and maintain this hospital that is so essential to the health needs of our people. 

Our women gave us a hospital. We can keep it alive and functional.

Some Previous Donors to Mbieri General Hospital

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To make your donation please visit the top right corner of our website home page:

However, if you wish to donate by check, please make your check payable to:  

Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA, indicate at the bottom of your check “Hospital” and address to:

Valentine Dickeocha,

181 Dixon Avenue,

Staten Island, NY 10303


Sunny C. Onwuzuruike; MSCIS, B. Mech Eng., MCSE, MCDBA       Uzomah (Emman) Elemihe, BS, BS. Pharm., R. Ph, PharmD                                                                                                                        

President, Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA Inc.                                                  General Secretary, Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA. Inc                                                                                                            

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Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA has commenced the preliminary work in the rehabilitation effort to help change the current situation in the hospital.

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Our General Secretary, Dr. Uzoma Elemihe visited The Medical Director, Dr. Egwim, and a female Doctor at the hosptal.

IMG 20180924 WA0005            20190123 124945

 Here a Nurse attending to a Patient                                                 Path way to Hospital wards from Administrative block

Before the preliminary work started, a letter of intent and scope of work was sent to Imo State Commissioner for Health, Dr Angela Uwakwe (Nee Eronini), and Mbieri General Hospital Medical Director, Dr. Egwim. There was no functional restroom in the hospital by the time our project started.                                                                             

IMG 20190405 WA0001      IMG 20190417 WA0015 6    IMG 20190405 WA0000 2  IMG 20190405 WA0003  IMG 20190417 WA0022

Above are some of the new toilet Bowls/Seat, new ceramic tiles on the restroom and bath walls, their floors, and shower replacements, we have made. This project is still ongoing. New water pipe lines are now being constructed from the overhead tank in front of the hospital to the restrooms at the back serving the inpatient wards.

New Ceramic Tiles were installed round the hospital:

IMG 20190417 WA0009 2   IMG 20190417 WA0011 5   IMG 20190417 WA0013 2    IMG 20190417 WA0003 2                              Hospital Hall way                          Reception hall                                      Doctor's office                                                 Waiting area 


There are many other identified work not in the scope of this preliminary work like more than 5 broken and blocked sewers, and their cracked pipe lines, the leaking overhead tank that is in bad state among others. In general, the situation is not satisfactory but there’s hope for our people.

IMG 20180926 WA0003                         IMG 20180926 WA0004

Standby Generator Donated by the Association but Hospital lacks funding for diesel and maintenance cost

Your support in any small way will be appreciated.





A unique perspective from the Healthcare Project Implementation Committee.

The Healthcare Project Implementation Committee proposes the establishment of a "Good Health Promotion and Illness Prevention Center".

This health center will focus on the basic healthcare needs of Mbieri people such as health check, first aid, health education and immunization. The group also proposes the employment of healthcare providers and aides, such as nurses and ward maids. A centralized building/facility will be needed for better dispensation of healthcare services. Other supply and equipment needs include power generators, refrigerators, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and reference materials.

There is still so much left to be done..... The Mbieri General hospital was built many years ago for the purpose of providing health care for the citizens or Mbieri. Over the years, this hospital was completely neglected and as result, the entire infrastructure suffered decay and dilapidation. Despite the terrible shape this hospital is in, Mbieri people have continued to seek medical help there. However, this Organization has recently taken a very keen interest in rehabilitating the hospital. The organization has done the following –

The Organization has provided a power Generator to the hospital hence insuring a constant power supply
Pre-existing borehole in the hospital has been re-furbished and three Tanks of 1000 gallons of water each have been installed. A ten feet wall is being erected in the hospital. This wall is two thirds completed and the remainder will be completed as soon as funding is available. Most of the hospital wards have been re-furbished and painted with new iron doors and mosquito nets installed. For the first times in many years, patients are being admitted in the hospital due to the partial renovation of the wards. There is still so much left to be done for this hospital to be considered a modern hospital

The walls need to be completed for security purposes. The administrative building needs to be renovated as soon as possible. This administrative building houses the doctors offices, the examination rooms, nurses’ office and patients’ waiting area. The floors of this building are riddled with fleas and other insects. All the doors need to be replaced with iron doors and all the windows need to be replaced. Patient operating room needs to be renovated. The hospital is in urgent need of residency building for both Doctors and Nurses.

20180111 055923 

The picture is a visit to Mbieri General Hospital. Here the President Sunny Onwuzuruike with the Hospital's resident doctor Dr, Egwim discussing the hospitals issues and ways of improvement.The picture is a visit to Mbieri General Hospital. Here the President Sunny Onwuzuruike with the Hospital's resident doctor Dr, Egwim discussing the hospitals issues and ways of improvement.

Mbierii Nwaotuoke USA Inc. is fully committed to providing long term solution to the healthcare needs of the Mbieri people. All Funds donated to this cause will be used judiciously with transparency as our motto.