Thursday Apr 15


An element that sustains all life; Water. Celebrate our gift from nature.

The Water Project Implementation Committee will deal with the implementation of this project. Based on the feasibility studies, phases of this project will involve the purchase of submersible well pumps, the purification and distribution of the water supply. Significant amount of funds must be raised to ensure the completion of this project.

"Mbieri is the second largest community in Imo State of Nigeria but at the moment, there is no pipe bone water in Mbieri." The need for good drinking water in Mbieri cannot be over emphasized. More Mbierians die of water borne diseases today than any other disease. Provision of good drinking water will save so many lives in Mbieri especially children who are dying in greater numbers from drinking unsanitary water. Opening of boreholes in our various homes in Mbieri is not a solution to our water problems. These individual bore holes may in the long run create more problems and subject our community to more unsanitary conditions as these bore holes become rusty and unmanageable due to financial burden on the individuals who dug these private well or bore holes. What Mbieri needs at this technological age is a more centralized and well managed water wells for its economic and environmental survival.

Mbieri is the second largest community in Imo State of Nigeria but at the moment, there is no pipe bone water in Mbieri. The only standing Water Tank in Mbieri is over 50 years old and every effort made in the last ten years to resurrect this half century albatross has prove costly in terms of funds and wasted man hour. As a result, Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA has embarked on a more cost effective way of bringing water to all the 28 villages in Mbieri. The project calls for sighting of wells in five zonal areas in Mbieri. This organization has established the necessary structure in Mbieri to ensure the success and sustainability of these water wells. These projects will require financial assistance from all Mbierians and our friends and well-wishers. We will also be soliciting funds from world agencies and individuals of goodwill to assist Mbirians in this task. The first phase of this project will commence as soon as funds become available


(1)  MUA Chairman, Mr. Ihezue commissioned Ubakuru Mbieri Prim. sch. water project

Donated by Mbieri United Association, Washington DC.

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