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Eze S. U. Achuko Memorial Scholarship Award (2002-2003

This one-time scholarship award for academic excellence was established in honor of the Late His Royal Highness Eze Sylvester U. Achuko, the paramount chief "Ezeozuzuoha II of Mbieri".

This award was in recognition of his life and legacy to the people of Mbieri. The scholarship award covered direct educational program expenses towards the completion of an qualified academic program in an approved university in Nigeria. This 'Eze S. U. Achuko Memorial Scholarship Award' was established with clearly articulated objectives, criteria, and guidelines for implementation. The five-member Scholarship Board members, who are university professors and community leaders of Mbieri descent, worked selflessly and diligently to ensure the success of this program. Two recipients of this award are have completed their four-year academic studies at Abia State University and the University of Nigeria, Alvan Campus, both institutions are in Nigeria.

"This award was in recognition of his life and legacy to the people of Mbieri" The next educational project will focus on the establishment of Mbieri Nwaotuoke Educational Fund for the purpose of implementing two new university scholarship awards every year. Other project plans include the systematic renovation of the dilapidated infrastructural facilities of the educational institutions in Mbieri. Additional details will be provided on the web page of the Mbieri Education Project Implementation Committee. Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA is looking forward to awarding more scholarships to Mbieri sons and daughters both here and in Nigeria as funds become available. About 90% of all Elementary and Secondary Schools in Mbieri have been badly damaged by neglect and lack of interest on the part of the government and people. This Organization through the good will of our friends and other donors will soon embark on a total rehabilitation of these schools. Implementation of this project will commence as soon as funding becomes available. 



Umuagwu Mbieri Prim. Sch. Supplies: 25, 2-in-one desks; 9 Teachers’ tables and chairs; 15 kindergarten tables and chairs; and teaching aid technique posters. A donation from Mbieri United Assoc. Washington DC.

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