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Electricity Situation in Orie-Mbieri Market Square, Mbieri, Imo State, Nigeria:


The Orie-Mbieri market square has been for years, the traditional and business center of the Mbieri Community located in Mbieri, Imo State of Nigeria. The square houses small businesses and a community post office, hospital, police post and schools. It is also home to some 7,000 inhabitants living near its surrounding villages and relying on Orie-Mbieri booming activities for their social, educational, medical and economic livelihood. In the past five years, the square has been thrown into darkness without electricity, after the 200kva transformer that served the area for over forty years got burnt.  As a result, the square and small businesses have suffered neglect,which in turn has negatively impacted on the progress of development in Mbieri.

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No Electricity in Orie-Mbieri Post Office and Mbieri General Hospital

In addition, the lack of electricity at Orie-Mbieri has further prevented our people from re-locating to the Square to open up their businesses, after they were displaced from Owerri , Nkwo-Orji, Nwaorieubi and similar surrounding markets, following their demolitions by the current Imo State Government. After a careful consideration of the circumstances, the Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA is of the view that, a regular supply of electricity at Orie-Mbieri is critical to bringing back businesses and economic boom to the community; and to returning Orie-Mbieri to its former glory. In the light of the above, we are appealing to individuals,Governments, Politicians, or any group for transformer donation to Orie-Mbieri market square.We need help for this electric transformer and will be counting on your generous donation to make its realization a success.

 Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA Inc.


A unique perspective from the Electricity Project Implementation Committee.

The Organization has provided a power Generator to the hospital hence insuring a constant power supply. Plan is on the way for provision of direct electricity supply from the national grid to ensure steady and regular electricity voltage to the hospital. 

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Pre-existing borehole in the hospital has been re-furbished and three Tanks of 1000 gallons of water each have been installed, and powered. A ten feet wall is being erected in the hospital. This wall is two thirds completed and the remainder will be completed as soon as funding is available.The wall will be illuminated as soon as completed to ensure adequate security to the hospital surrounding. Street security lights will be erected along the front gate of the hospital, and in front of the administrative block. Most of the hospital wards have been re-furbished and painted with new iron doors and mosquito nets installed. It's the Association's intent to ensure that every part of the Patients wards is adequately illuminated. For the first times in many years, patients are being admitted in the hospital due to the partial renovation of the wards. There is still so much left to be done for this hospital to be considered a modern hospital

The walls need to be completed for security purposes. The administrative building needs to be renovated as soon as possible. This administrative building houses the doctors offices, the examination rooms, nurses’ office and patients’ waiting area. The floors of this building are riddled with fleas and other insects. All the doors need to be replaced with iron doors and all the windows need to be replaced. Patient operating room needs to be renovated. The hospital is in urgent need of residency building for both Doctors and Nurses.

Mbierii Nwaotuoke USA Inc. is fully committed to providing long term solution to the electricity needs of the hospital. All Funds donated to this cause will be used judiciously with transparency as our motto.