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The State of our Association and way forward

This write up is not intended to sugar coat the state of our association or otherwise. I am simply going to tell the truth on where we are; the truth about what I believe has to be done in order to put our great Association back on track.

If you want us to stay the same as we were, then you probably won't like this piece. But if you want real change and a turnaround for the association’s better future and for our Mbieri community here, and in Nigeria, then read on.

The apparent low enthusiasm and show of nonchalance by some members in certain chapters need to be addressed.  It’s the goal of this administration to lift up every member in order to once more strengthen the Association. It’s important we all come together with one mind to rebuild this great Association. A number of adjustments will have to be made to help in this process in an attempt to provide “Better Leadership for Brighter Future” which Mbieri people deserve.

Strengthening The Existing Chapters:

At the top of this administration’s priority is to help strengthen the existing local

Chapters and encourage setting up of new ones all over USA. This administration will be committed to ensuring that Mbieri chapters all over the country flourish, by providing organization support, and encouraging the existing entities to hold regular meetings, social activities, and ensure they liaise with the national body and Mbieri community. At the same time, we will also encourage the establishment of new chapters.  We hope to run a progressive and collaborative government that may initiate the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the branches and Mbieri Nwaotuoke (National body); such MoU will run on the theme of mutual co-existence between both parties, and with the clear message that National derives its strength from the branches. Chapter leaders should have the responsibility of ensuring that their chapters connect, socialize and cooperate with other Mbieri chapters in the country – Mbieri Nwaotuoke. When we work together much more can be achieved.

Mbieri Global Meetings:

The new administration has seen lack of communication with Mbieri people as a problem that needs to be addressed. To this end, we plan to introduce a telephone conference forum called “Mbieri Global Meeting” that will involve all chapter members. The Mbieri Global meeting provides a unique forum for Mbieri people all over the United States (Mbieri Universe) to interact, share, and learn from the administration on the status of the Association. This will be a kind-of question and answer session where the president will present the status of the affairs of the association, and then with the executive members answer questions from Mbieri Universe on all matters. This way, chapter members will hear from the executives this time directly, and not from their leaders as always. Any Mbieri person outside the country may also be accommodated in the meeting. This meeting, we plan will be a biannual meeting that may take place any time in October/November and April/May of each year. It promises to be interesting and informative.

Chapter Membership:

The concept of individual national membership to the national body has been constitutionally eliminated. That was finalized during the last national convention in Washington DC in July; 2017.The idea in all honesty, has been a harmful policy that discreetly created disloyalty and divisions among members in local branches. For example, we have seen a case, where an individual member deserts his branch to register with the National, or prefer to be identified with the National body, for whatever personal reasons, thus causing disunity and divisions. Because unity is the foundation for success of any union, this divisive approach is corrosive and should be discouraged if we want to build a representative National body, made up of members from its legitimate branches. As a result, we encourage all Mbieri people in the United States to find and register with any Mbieri chapter close to them for identification purposes. With today’s modern communication links and social media, members can join in meetings in faraway branches close to them without necessarily travelling there to show physical presence. We are suggesting chapter leaders to wave attendance default to such Mbieri people from nearby states affected provided they meet all other chapter conditions to maintain membership. Upon any event that people still do not belong to any nearby branch, they can form one, even with one or two families, and grow with time. In such circumstances, National body will recognize the branch as part of the fold.

Mbieri Term Life Insurance:

This administration is committed to ensuring that every Mbieri person in the United States is provided with affordable life insurance. You are highly encouraged to sign up for the existing Mbieri Term life insurance that will cost you only $100 a year premium, about $8 a month.  It’s a $20,000 term life insurance that decreases by 35% after the age of 65yrs and 50% after 70yrs. There’s no age limit - a deal obtained due to the group nature of our association. We encourage you to take advantage of this, to lock up one of the amazing term life insurance deals ever. Please note that going forward; this insurance will be made available only to Mbieri people registered with an existing chapter, their US legal elderly parents and children. If you need a copy of the form for registration, please contact your local Mbieri chapter leader.

Those who have already registered, please ensure that you pay up your entire outstanding unpaid premium before the end of July, 2018. We are obliged to remit your payment to the insurance company before July ending every year. Therefore, at the end of this date (grace period), any name that’s still with outstanding debt will be removed from the scheme. This should be the last notice. Please take note of this and help to share the information. In order to ensure that this insurance is sustained for Mbieri people, we will need every sign up member to religiously keep paying his/her $100 yearly premium promptly. I believe that $100 a year should be affordable for anybody in this country who feels he/she needs this insurance. We see nonpayment as deliberate negligence and therefore, not an acceptable practice. For newly signed up members, you are expected not to owe for more than one year. By the second year, if we still do not receive any payment by July 31th, your name will be removed from the scheme.

Global Outreach:

Another major plan of this administration will be to realign the focus of the National body to meet with growing demands of modernity and challenges facing the world we live in today. Going forward, this administration will institute new programs that will bring the body to international limelight. The first step in this direction would be to project the community to the world through communication and outreach. We will improve the Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA Inc. web site, so it becomes a more informative and user friendly tool, where all members and the general public can read the policies and activities of our Association; also add innovative links, such as: (1) news updates showcasing regular local (USA) and other international news, as well as Imo State, Nigeria and USA policy decisions that are of interest to our people because knowledge is power; and (2) create Job links and adverts announcing key positions that our members, including youths could be interested in, as well as other local and international career and business opportunities available for youths and members, plus opportunities that may be available for our people wishing to relocate back to Nigeria. We will also create a Mentorship Corner for our youths seeking to meet their peers for educational and career advice, and how they can connect with each other (Mbieri Young Professionals).

Connection with International Community and others:

It’s the plan of this administration to initiate programs capable of expanding our Association’s partnerships with donor communities, for purposes of mobilizing outside resources, to fund our projects. We will try to take our image worldwide, particularly in the USA and Nigeria, through registration and participation in any USA Immigrant Community events, Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Office of the Nigeria Presidency, Nigeria Embassies in DC, Atlanta and New York, and constant liaison with Imo State government, on distribution of amenities. The administration will continue to monitor Nigeria’s planned policy to establish a Diaspora Commission; it is said that over 15 million Nigerians live in Diaspora, if this commission is meant to open doors, then, we cannot just be a number, we must be part of the benefits coming to us as members of the Diasporas. Therefore, we can no longer run an Association with high achievers and accomplished persons being left out of Nigeria’s National cake, or beneficial programs ran by our host country USA, for its citizens, due to lack of information, lack of sensitization of our youths and members; and failure to explore abundant opportunities that exist out there.

Mbieri Young Professionals:

This is a forum designed for our young adults to know, understand, and network among themselves using Facebook and other social media. Chapter leaders are encouraged to get names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of Mbieri young professionals in their areas, and forward to Nkechinyere Ndubuisi (687-764-0123) our Public Relations Officer who is coordinating this effort.

Intended Projects:

The focus of this administration for this first year is not to embark on any project. Rather our focus is to ensure that the existing chapters are stable; identify any misunderstandings chapters have with the national body with a view to amicably resolve them; ensure that the chapters are working together in one voice with the national body; and making sure that every member in all our chapters are carried along with what’s going-on within the national body. When this unity is assured, we can then start to think of projects. We hope that this will be achievable by the end of our first year in office. However, our identified projects, which center on the basic needs of our people, are planned in two phases as below:

Phase 1:

Health care issues still remain one of the major problems our people are having back home in Mbieri. A situation where Mbieri people travel to Ogwa general Hospital or Owerri  for medical issues is problematic, when we have a General Hospital in Mbieri. I recall, the then Medical director of Mbieri General Hospital one time told me that the greatest problem in that Hospital was lack of steady electricity, and confessed that in most cases the Lab Tech. would take specimen to Owerri to process because of electricity issues; and wished for a transformer to guarantee steady power in the hospital. Insecurity of the location of the hospital is another problem. This administration therefore, will be committed to the improvement of the Mbieri General Hospital, and to continue the good works of the other previous administrations.

On that note, we felt it would be appropriate to secure a dedicated transformer for the general hospital, or where possible liaise with Imo State Government to achieve that. When this is secured and installed, adequate supply of regular electricity with stable voltage will be assured. We also plan in this phase to erect security street lights along the front of the hospital on the express road, starting from Eziome/Obazu junction through the front of the hospital to where the hospital’s premises end toward Orie Mbieri. The same Transformer services can also be extended to the new Police Station, near the Hospital, on Achi/Orie Mbieri/express road junction.

 You may recall, late last year a senior police officer was killed inside that police compound by bad guys in the darkness of the night. It’s also important to know that the police station has similar status with that in Nwaorieubi. When that assassination happened, the station was shut down for a while. If we can put something in place to show care, we may not only help the continuous retention of the police station in Mbieri but also help make work of the police easier by providing night visibility around the station. The usefulness of that station cannot be over emphasized.

Phase 2:

The administration intends to start encouraging Mbieri villages to be security conscious. By this they can embark on gradual erection of street lights along major roads inside Mbieri to help on security checks. To help initiate this, the administration plans to erect about 10 to 15 street lights to all roads leading into Orie Mbieri and within the market square. Wherever the polls of our street light stop, as our work diverges into inner villages, the village next to it can take it up to the next village and so on. NEPA will take care of its line maintenance responsibility and village meetings will be responsible for bulb replacements.

On this phase also the administration hopes to revisit the abandoned perimeter wall of the Hospital started during Professor Okafor’s administration, including refurbishment of the entrance iron gate. The refurbished administrative block by Dr. Iroka’s administration is currently in a very bad state due to neglect.  This administration will also start looking into them, as well as our installed giant generator, with a view to putting them into meaningful use once again. In doing all of these, we shall also be looking outwards as earlier stated, to seek funding assistance from donors, who may be interested in our local healthcare proposals for Mbieri people.

In this phase, the administration also intends to find a way to establish a Pharmacy store inside or near the hospital where genuine medical drugs will be dispensed to our people at possible reduced prices. The spread of fake drugs in Nigeria is a scary development, and anything we can do to help our people in this front will be meaningful.

Sources of Revenue:

Yearly dues: Our primary source of revenue comes from the yearly $50.00 a year from each member which they pay through their chapters. If you consider the planned projects, it is Important to bring out the human nature in us, and every one of us should then try to leave up to our annual payments.

Convention Revenues:  Any net income we realize after each of our every other year convention adds to our revenue. Convention is something we shall all be excited about, looking forward to it at all times and be prepared to attend in any city hosting the convention. We are therefore, obliged as Mbieri people to also be willing to financially support the convention in any way we can, as well as any project we may be working on.

Donations: This is something we will be pleased with anybody willing to support our projects. We plan to provide a donation link on our website where we plan to solicit for donations from Mbieri people and the public anywhere they reside. You should be able to use your credit cards for such donations.

We are optimistic; and with your help and cooperation, we will together reestablish the Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA Inc. which everyone will come to love eventually.

Sunny C. Onwuzuruike

The President

Mbieri Nwaotuoke Inc. USA

IMG 20180109 180012

The president Sunny Onwzuruike (left), visited the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Nigeria in his residence at Achi-Mbieri.